Varsity Striped 100% Baby Alpaca Tri-color Scarf – Muffler Like No Other Review

Varsity Striped 100% Baby Alpaca Tri-color Scarf - Muffler Like No Other

  • 100% Baby Alpaca
  • Hand wash cold and dry flat or dry clean
  • Add some fresh, hip style to any wardrobe with our tri-color Varsity scarf made from beautifully knit baby alpaca fiber for perfect comfort and warmth.
  • As seen in Vogue’s write up Jan 2, 2018 10 Ways to Stay Warm in (Sustainable, Super-Cozy) Alpaca
  • The stripes on this unique scarf are reminiscent of a collegiate or Rugby style scarf, with beautiful contrasting colors that alternate in a perfect pattern for that pop of color winter wardrobes need.
  • Baby alpaca is not only incredibly soft, it is lighterweight than its sheep’s wool counterparts, is hypoallergenic because it is lanolin free, and warm while breathable. It is the ultimate in natural, sustainable fiber.
  • At a generous 79in by 12in, this scarf can be worn multiple ways, and the stripes vary from 1 inch on one end, 2 inch on the other, and feature a colorblock pattern in the middle.

Our popular Varsity tri-color scarf is a beautiful combination of style and comfort. Made from 100% baby alpaca, it is hypoallergenic and odor resistant, not to mention warm and incredibly soft. The scarf features stripes of different widths and generously knit to 79 inches by 12 inches, the length allows for it to be worn a multitude of ways. Lightweight yet thick, it will be sure to keep you warm while being naturally moisture wicking, perfect for those rainy days or in the snow.

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