Soft Square Paisely Bandana Print Tassel Scarf Wrap Shawl Cover Up Tie Loop Review

Soft Square Paisely Bandana Print Tassel Scarf Wrap Shawl Cover Up Tie Loop

  • Fabrication: 100% Soft Polyester
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Measurement: 51″ x 51″

New Soft Light Thin All Season Square Shape Paisley Bandana Print Tassel Accent Scarf Wrap Shawl Cover Up Oblong or Loop Infinity 51″ x 51″ (Individually Packaged in poly bag with tags)

Classic never goes out of style paisley bandana print with fringe tassel accents.  Wear as oblong scarf or loop infinity scarf.  New light weight elegant spring summer scarf, shawl, head scarf and head wrap.  Many ways to wear it,  around your neck, over your shoulders, around your waist. Find your favorite & make a fashion statement! Perfect for resort and vacation wear. The Hottest styles worn by celebrities, Perfect for women and teens. Perfect as a gift for anyone. Also great for formal attire or just casual.  The camera does not capture the true beauty.

The Perfectly Adjusted Scarf.  What’s easier than a scarf already ready to wear?  Our new packaging concept allows you to simply pop the scarf over you head with minimal styling needed.  Just in case you decided to wear your perfectly adjusted scarf in other ways, we’ve used an easily removable elastic tie than can also be worn in your hair.  Feel free to be creative and wear the Perfectly Adjusted Scarf in your favorite way.

These beautiful scarves go through a hand-finished pattern screening process which adds to the fine details of the design. Occasionally slight color running of the patterns may occur. This is normal and shows the natural effects of the dye used in the fabric.

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