High Grade Cashmere Pashmina Plain Natural Muffler | Men & Women | Imported from India! Review

High Grade Cashmere Pashmina Plain Natural Muffler | Men & Women | Imported from India!

  • Standard Size: 12″ x 72″ | Scarves Type: Unisex
  • This Luxury Fabric has always been known for its quality, exceptional Softness, and Warmth. Cashmina House Muffler made from authentic Cashmere adds a refined touch to any coat or any other piece of clothing you are wearing.
  • Choice Matters! If you are really looking for high grade Cashmere Mufflers //you are at right place// you don’t need to travel India or Nepal, Cashmina House brings you the best quality Mufflers at your door steps with just one click.
  • DESIRED PAIRING! Finish off your winter wear with something that’s sure to get you noticed. These exclusive natural color combinations can be paired with your favorite coat, jacket, sweater, or suit. Lay this Muffler over your shoulders for those long relaxing shopping days or wrap it around and tuck it into your suit jacket for a busy day in the office.
  • GREAT GIFTING IDEA! Stop the nerve-wracking, stressful search for a perfect gift solution, buy a Cashmina House Muffler for your loved one and you’ll resolve this issue in the most thoughtful way possible! It’s a classy looking Muffler that feels like heaven! Everyone will enjoy a Cashmina House attractive Natural Classic Muffler to polish up their look!!
  • As a result of confidence in the quality of our products, Cashmina House provides 2-month money back satisfaction guarantee. Buy with Confidence and Peace of Mind. Customer satisfaction is our Highest Priority.

Why Cashmere?

Cashmere wool is one of the most Luxurious and most valuable natural fabrics in the world that will keep you warm
through the cold winter months. Cashmere is by 40% warmer than any wool and much better absorbs and releases
moisture. Nothing is quite as comforting, luxurious and cozy as pure cashmere clothing.

What makes quality cashmere?

Most important to cashmere fiber quality is the fiber length and fiber thickness. In order to be considered cashmere
in the first place, the fibers brushed from goats must be no more than 30 microns wide. As fibers get thinner, all
things being equal, the fiber will become softer and more luxurious.

What’s in here for you?

Cashmina House Cashmere made sure to craft this Muffler with passion and care for the best possible quality. Extra Fine
Cashmere fibrer is gathered by means of a delicate combing procedure that is done only once, when a goat is aged
between three and twelve months. This Collection is the ultimate luxury because of its softness and lightness. With
reasonable care your garment will last for many years. So, if you buy this product you can expect a great return on

How to Care Cashmere Garments?

You do not need to be afraid to clean quality cashmere pieces! Regular Dry cleaning is the easiest and recommended
but gentle hand washing with a delicate soap, like Woolite, will also work fine. Afterwards, press out the excess water,
but do not wring out the clothes. Fold items when storing.

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