Cristoforo Cardi Men’s Venetian Formal Scarf One Size Fits Review

Cristoforo Cardi Men's Venetian Formal Scarf One Size Fits

  • This Formal Tuxedo Scarf is Poly Woven with a Micro Neat Venetian Pattern.
  • Formal Men’s Venetian Scarf is great for any occasion!
  • This Venetian Formal Scarf comes in black and white match any formal attire.
  • Scarf has elegantly knotted tassels.

There’s almost always room for a little more fabulousness in a gentleman’s formal ensemble. Certainly, the cleanness of a tuxedo’s cuts and crispness of its overall style leaves even more room for something a little less put together and a little more tousled – yet still highly sophisticated. Made of poly woven material and accented on either end by a line of fine, knotted tassels, it’s simplicity is deceptive as it can be worn in a variety of manners, from a loose toss over your shoulders, to a neat tuck in your jacket or a cross in front of the neck or chest. Regardless of how it’s worn, it’s sure to bring something interesting to your own unique look.

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